Guest Blogging – Top 5 Reasons to Get Started

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Google authorship, bigger audience, or thought leadership – sounds like something you want?

The pathway that will give you all of it is GUEST BLOGGING!

Guest blogging has been an underrated strategy for many marketers in the digital sphere. The biggest reason is the counterproductive mindset when marketers are asked to deliver content for other websites. Yet it is one of the most successful marketing strategies that help attract massive traffic from different niches.

Today, 60% of the blogs write 1-5 guest posts per month because around 63% of readers perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

Now, have you ever wondered why is guest blogging so effective? What are the benefits of guest blogging, and should you get started with this content marketing tactic?

In this blog, we will discuss some good reasons that will compel you to get started with guest blogging – let’s begin.

Five Reasons to Start Guest Blogging Now

1.   To Widen Your Audience

The foremost reason you should start guest blogging is to widen your set audience. By taking your brand name before a wider audience, it will give you a chance to tap into a varied demographic that will contribute to your online consumer base. Just keep patience and focus on long-term goals of consistent guest posting, believe us you will get huge traffic within a couple of months.

2.   Authority and Credibility

People follow authority content and when you are new to the world of digital marketing you need just that. Guest blogging helps you gain the trust of people as you publish your blogs on authoritative sites. Make sure that the blog host likes your blog and deems it to be good enough to share it with the audience.

3.   More Social Media Shares

When you submit a guest post to a blog with a huge social media following and plenty of social media activity, chances are that your content will get shared. It may get doubled if you submit highly shareable content to a blogging website. Consider implementing infographics in your blog posts asthey get 3X more engagement in social media as compared to other content formats.

4.   Brand Awareness

If you are looking for an engaging way to expand your brand awareness, consider guest blogging. Ensure that you share as many practical tips as possible that can help solve issues that people generally face. Take the opportunity to let the audience know your expertise and approach in solving their problems. It will not only grow your brand awareness but will also establish your credibility and expertise in the your industry.

5.   Support Your SEO Efforts

Content plays a huge role in SEO and when you offer informative and engaging content through guest posting, chances are that you will earn some good backlinks. These quality backlinks will surely count in search engines which will have a positive impact on your search traffic. However, you need to ensure that you create some amazing content, choose quality sites to publish your content, and avoid buying guest posts as they may downrank your website.

These were a few tips that you can follow and share some awesome content through guest posting. Meanwhile, if you are looking for digital marketing services, consider checking Netplanet Digital. Here you will get affordable services with accommodating and expert professionals that make practical strategies to grow your business.

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