5 Reasons You Should Use Google Analytics

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The main aim of a website is to promote your brand by attracting targeted traffic and boosting conversions.

We have seen that a well-designed website do this job exceptionally well! But, how do you keep track of your website visitors? How would you understand your customer’s behaviour? Is there a way to track the performance of your marketing efforts?

Well, by using Google Analytics, you can do all this and much more – with relative ease and accuracy.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a website traffic analysis tool that can track and report how users find, access, and use your website. The tool uncovers crucial insights that will help you to understand your customers better and fine-tune your website, marketing campaigns, products, and content to drive real results.

When used strategically, the tool can open doors to new avenues and improve the performance of your digital platforms.

Why Google Analytics?

According to a report, Google Analytics can result in 400% revenue growth for your business. If this doesn’t excite you, here are more detailed reasons to get started with Google Analytics –

1. It is Free of Charge

Are you concerned about your budget while looking for services? Are you a newbie and cannot invest much? In such a case, Google Analytics can be the best choice as it is completely FREE OF COST.
Despite being a free tool, it offers top-rated functionalities when compared with other paid tools. Thus, you can track down your progress without spending a penny!

2. It Can Track How Your Visitors Locate Your Website

With Google Analytics you can not only focus on the keywords but you can also explore what other keywords your visitors are typing to find your website.
During the initial phase of your journey, you might not see much change in keywords but with time, you will start getting more keywords and optimise your website accordingly.

3. It Can Identify the Most-visited Links or Pages on Your Website

Google Analytics also shows you the most-visited pages or links on your website. Such insights will help you perfect your offerings and assess ways to engage with your users better.
It also shows you the areas of improvement so that you can measure your drawbacks and work on it.

4. It Can Segment Your Website Visitors

With the help of Google Analytics, you will be able to know what number of new visitors your optimisation is bringing to you.
In addition to this, you can also segment your results by new visitors, topography, or referral sources to derive more concrete and useful data.

5. It Can Refine Your Website

Google Analytics allows you to refine or fine-tune your website. You can bring changes to your website, improve its quality, and convert users into customers with a more unified approach.

Final Words

Every marketing agenda needs to be analysed at regular intervals to rectify the flaws and improve it for the future.

Google Analytics is the best way to scrutinise and improve the performance of your website. It not only collects data from Google but is also focus on MSN and Yahoo! Search results to strengthen your website on the digital platform. It provides you with a detailed report showing the most visited pages, the lowest visiting pages, web traffic, and the number of new visitors. By exploiting such details, you can evaluate the scope of improvement and drive more leads and conversions.

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